MRPR Stays Abreast of the New SEC and FINRA Regulations Affecting Broker Dealer Accounting and Compliance

The broker-dealer industry has experienced significant changes as new regulations are issued to try to prevent illegal activities and protect investors. These new rules affect every broker-dealer, whether large or small.

MRPR's professional staff members are dedicated to remaining informed of changes in the SEC and FINRA rules and regulations that impact brokers-dealers. Our team takes the time to learn about your broker-dealer accounting and compliance needs and requirements.

Our Focus is on Audits of Small to Medium Sized Non-Public Broker-Dealers

As one of the CPA firms in Michigan registered with the Public Company Oversight Board (PCAOB) to provide broker-dealer accounting & audit services, MRPR specializes in the audits of small to medium sized privately held non-carrying broker-dealers.

See Audits, Reviews & Compilations , Tax Planning & Compliance and State & Local Tax (SALT) to learn more about the services we provide.

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MRPR's Ideas Have Resulted in Yearly Tax Savings

"We needed a tax planner, not someone to balance our books. As you know, MRPR came highly recommended and we switched to your office about 15 years ago. It has proven to be a very good business decision. MRPR has brought many new ideas to me which have resulted in yearly tax savings. Having MRPR's complete staff of CPA's analyzing..." Read More

NC Servo Technology Corporation
Eddie Harmon, President

MRPR's Advice Saved Client $110,000

"Your advice identified $165,000 in previously overlooked tax deductions and discovered a favorable federal tax treatment for over $250,000 in revenue. Your Firm was able to complete this project faster and with greater certainty than any other we had engaged in the past 3 years. Based on your recommendations, we achieved cash savings of $110,000..." Read More

Three M Holdings
Michael Medwid, President

MRPR Provides a Much Needed "Fast Turnaround" for a Client

"One year we closed our year-end later than normal and the year-end audit and tax returns were still completed in time so the majority shareholder did not have to extend his personal return. This fast turnaround was much faster than I ever expected." Read More

Hardwoods of Michigan
Brian Burt, Chief Financial Officer

MRPR Builds Long-Standing Relationship with Client by Providing Ongoing Business Consulting

"For over 35 years, we have entrusted MRPR to provide us with business consulting services in the construction and commercial real estate industries. MRPR has consistently provided us with business advice on..." Read More

Kramer Development Company, LLC
Adrian L. Kramer