MRPR: The Construction Entrepreneur's Partner to Achieve Maximum Deferral of Tax Liabilities

We appreciate the challenges of achieving success in the construction industry in these difficult economic times. Successful construction entrepreneurs need to partner with a CPA firm with specialized experience and expertise in the construction sector.

Our MRPR Team provides significant value to a construction company in the arena of tax planning & compliance. Through the use of specialized accounting methods and tax elections, MRPR will work with your business to provide the maximum deferral of tax liabilities. These tax savings can be invested where they belong- in your business.

How Else Will MRPR Help my Construction Business?

Our team also provides accounting for construction firms, as well as audits, reviews and compilations , strategic consulting services, and state & local tax (SALT) expertise to companies included in the following construction sectors:

  • General and Sub-Contractors
  • Residential Rental
  • Commercial Rental
  • Land Developers
  • Home Construction
  • Audit - Construction of HUD financed projects
  • Property Management
  • Building Materials Suppliers

Are There Other Ways MRPR Can Help My Business?

Yes! Check out our Services web page to learn more about the specialized services we offer to our clients.

Also, the "Why MRPR?" web page will explain some more of the advantages that MRPR can offer your construction business.


MRPR Builds Long-Standing Relationship with Client by Providing Ongoing Business Consulting

"For over 35 years, we have entrusted MRPR to provide us with business consulting services in the construction and commercial real estate industries. MRPR has consistently provided us with business advice on..." Read More

Kramer Development Company, LLC
Adrian L. Kramer

MRPR Provides a Much Needed "Fast Turnaround" for a Client

"One year we closed our year-end later than normal and the year-end audit and tax returns were still completed in time so the majority shareholder did not have to extend his personal return. This fast turnaround was much faster than I ever expected." Read More

Hardwoods of Michigan
Brian Burt, Chief Financial Officer

Local Manufacturing Company Appreciates MRPR's Leadership and Direction

"We were certain our office would completely turn upside down while trying to bring everything back online. Our anxieties were pushed aside when you responded with a swift plan of attack. Under your supervision and an outside bookkeeper you referred, the accounting transactions were..." Read More

Wolverine Plating Corporation
Thomas Braciszewski, Vice President

Seamless Process with NO Business Disruption

"I had reservations about changing public accounting firms because we had been with the same CPA firm for 17 years. I was not concerned about the competencies of MRPR, but about the potential for business disruption that could be caused by transitioning to a new accounting firm. In fact, I delayed the decision for a couple of years for that reason. You assured me that your firm had experience with these kinds of transitions and would make it a seamless process for JGA." Read More

JGA, Inc.
H. Craig Sutzer, V.P. Finance