MRPR Knows All About the Tight Filing Deadlines Insurance Companies are Required to Meet

For over 20 years, MRPR has gained extensive knowledge and experience working with Property and Casualty Insurance Companies. As a result, we are aware of the unique challenges and compliance requirements facing your industry. We understand that the filing deadlines in particular are strict and can be challenging to meet. Our conscientious team is "on top" of those - so you don't have to be!

MRPR specializes in:

MRPR Helps Clients Control Costs in a Difficult Economy

As a leader among CPA firms in Michigan, MRPR's professionals understand the challenges of doing business in a difficult economy. We know that being able to control costs is important to all our clients. This is why we:

  • Guarantee that the fee we quote, upon terms and conditions of the work to be performed, before the job is started is the amount you will be invoiced once the job is completed.
  • If any additional services are required and fall outside the scope of the original engagement, an additional fee will be discussed and agreed upon in advance before the services are performed.
  • We also offer a fixed fee option that can range from one to three years and is always subject to renewal.

Is MRPR the Right CPA Firm to Service Your Property and Casualty Insurance Company?

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