MRPR's Professionals Understand Changing Market Conditions...

We appreciate how difficult it is to achieve success in real estate in these difficult economic times. It demands hard work, perseverance and the ability to adapt to the changing market conditions. Successful real estate entrepreneurs need to partner with a professional services firm with specialized expertise and experience in the real estate sector.

Through our extensive experience working with the real estate industry, MRPR's professionals provide a unique blend of assurance, tax planning and compliance, accounting and state & local tax (SALT) expertise for real estate clients.

MRPR has extensive experience with Property Management companies, Land Developers, Home Builders, Real estate investors (domestic and international, as well as Commercial and Residential Rental operators.

Helping Your Real Estate Entities and Partners Achieve Maximum Deferral of Tax Liabilities...

By using our in-depth understanding of Subchapter K of the Internal Revenue Code and experience advising clients with a wide variety of real estate transactions, we advise clients and prepare tax returns to ensure economic fairness between partners and compliance with the operating agreements and Internal Revenue Code. We formulate and implement strategies to achieve maximum deferral or elimination of tax liabilities.

Examples of strategies that we are experienced in include depreciation methods and elections, Section 754 elections, Section 1031 like-kind exchanges, and various elections available when cancellation of indebtedness occurs. We are also very aware of the state and local tax implications that can result when a real estate transaction occurs and proactively plan to minimize these tax liabilities.

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MRPR Builds Long-Standing Relationship with Client by Providing Ongoing Business Consulting

"For over 35 years, we have entrusted MRPR to provide us with business consulting services in the construction and commercial real estate industries. MRPR has consistently provided us with business advice on..." Read More

Kramer Development Company, LLC
Adrian L. Kramer

MRPR's Advice Saved Client $110,000

"Your advice identified $165,000 in previously overlooked tax deductions and discovered a favorable federal tax treatment for over $250,000 in revenue. Your Firm was able to complete this project faster and with greater certainty than any other we had engaged in the past 3 years. Based on your recommendations, we achieved cash savings of $110,000..." Read More

Three M Holdings
Michael Medwid, President

MRPR's Ideas Have Resulted in Yearly Tax Savings

"We needed a tax planner, not someone to balance our books. As you know, MRPR came highly recommended and we switched to your office about 15 years ago. It has proven to be a very good business decision. MRPR has brought many new ideas to me which have resulted in yearly tax savings. Having MRPR's complete staff of CPA's analyzing..." Read More

NC Servo Technology Corporation
Eddie Harmon, President

Client Learns that the Business Acquisition Process is Smoother with MRPR's Expertise

"As you know, the typical business acquisition process is highly resource consuming. We expected a total disruption in our employees' daily responsibilities, but you removed much of the burden from us and kept the ball rolling. Many CPA firms would have been complacent doing simply what the client had asked, but MRPR pressed us to finish the deal because they knew the business implications of..." Read More

F. M. Envelope, Inc.
Thomas D. Mucker, President