With a 95.5% client retention rate, MRPR has satisfied clients

Our clients appreciate the value we provide to them:

MRPR's Advice Saved Client $110,000

"Your advice identified $165,000 in previously overlooked tax deductions and discovered a favorable federal tax treatment for over $250,000 in revenue. Your Firm was able to complete this project faster and with greater certainty than any other we had engaged in the past 3 years. Based on your recommendations, we achieved cash savings of $110,000..."

Three M Holdings
Michael Medwid, President

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MRPR's Strategic Consulting Services Pays-Off for a Client

"Most recently, we had a great deal of uncertainty as to how to design the redemption of a retiring shareholder. When we brought it to your attention you had ideas and options that ultimately enabled us to satisfy the concerns of not only all of the shareholders, but those of our legal counsel. The end result was ..."

Diamond Tool Manufacturing
Michael J. McHugh, President

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MRPR's Ideas Have Resulted in Yearly Tax Savings

"We needed a tax planner, not someone to balance our books. As you know, MRPR came highly recommended and we switched to your office about 15 years ago. It has proven to be a very good business decision. MRPR has brought many new ideas to me which have resulted in yearly tax savings. Having MRPR's complete staff of CPA's analyzing..."

NC Servo Technology Corporation
Eddie Harmon, President

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Our clients recognize the importance we place on our relationship with them:

MRPR Builds Long-Standing Relationship with Client by Providing Ongoing Business Consulting

"For over 35 years, we have entrusted MRPR to provide us with business consulting services in the construction and commercial real estate industries. MRPR has consistently provided us with business advice on..."

Kramer Development Company, LLC
Adrian L. Kramer

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Client Learns that the Business Acquisition Process is Smoother with MRPR's Expertise

"As you know, the typical business acquisition process is highly resource consuming. We expected a total disruption in our employees' daily responsibilities, but you removed much of the burden from us and kept the ball rolling. Many CPA firms would have been complacent doing simply what the client had asked, but MRPR pressed us to finish the deal because they knew the business implications of..."

F. M. Envelope, Inc.
Thomas D. Mucker, President

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Local Manufacturing Company Appreciates MRPR's Leadership and Direction

"We were certain our office would completely turn upside down while trying to bring everything back online. Our anxieties were pushed aside when you responded with a swift plan of attack. Under your supervision and an outside bookkeeper you referred, the accounting transactions were..."

Wolverine Plating Corporation
Thomas Braciszewski, Vice President

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Our clients acknowledge our expertise and timeliness:

Foundation Praises MRPR's Expertise and Responsiveness

"We were concerned about finding a quality tax and accounting Firm to handle our Foundation's and other various Trusts' needs...your solid expertise and quick responsiveness was instrumental in overcoming various tax hurdles presented by the IRS..."

The Wolford Foundation
Colleen M. Wolford, President

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MRPR Provides a Much Needed "Fast Turnaround" for a Client

"One year we closed our year-end later than normal and the year-end audit and tax returns were still completed in time so the majority shareholder did not have to extend his personal return. This fast turnaround was much faster than I ever expected."

Hardwoods of Michigan
Brian Burt, Chief Financial Officer

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MRPR's clients talk about the changeover process:

Seamless Process with NO Business Disruption

"I had reservations about changing public accounting firms because we had been with the same CPA firm for 17 years. I was not concerned about the competencies of MRPR, but about the potential for business disruption that could be caused by transitioning to a new accounting firm. In fact, I delayed the decision for a couple of years for that reason. You assured me that your firm had experience with these kinds of transitions and would make it a seamless process for JGA."

JGA, Inc.
H. Craig Sutzer, V.P. Finance

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No Fees for the Transition Process

"From our standpoint changing CPAs to MRPR was seamless. Your office immediately met with our accounting personnel, banker, and predecessor CPA firm to make certain all open matters were being handled or addressed. You didn't even bill us for the time spent in the transition process. Since then, you have taken it upon yourself to..."

Pro-Seal Service Group
Bruce W. McCartney, President

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October 1974 - Our Firm was founded as Mathews and Nightingale, a partnership. At that time, Jim Mathews and Ron Nightingale, both managers with Ernst & Young, became co-managing partners.

January 1975 - The accounting practice of Frank J. Haggerty, a sole practitioner, was acquired and the Firm name was changed to Mathews, Nightingale & Haggerty, P.C.

October 1978 - Mr. George Reich, manager with Deloitte & Touche, joined the Firm as a partner.

January 1980 - Mathews, Nightingale & Haggerty, P.C. merged with the practice of William J. Scott, Jr. & Co. and at the time the name of the Firm was changed to Mathews, Nightingale, Reich & Scott, P.C.

October 1985 - Tony Perna was admitted as a partner of the Firm.

October 1986 - Mark Rottermond was admitted as a partner of the Firm and at that time the Firm name was changed to Mathews, Reich, Perna & Rottermond, P.C.

June 1995 - To assist in debt re-structuring services, MRPR formed an alliance with Robert J. Scheuring, CPA.

July 1995 - Mathews, Reich, Perna & Rottermand, P.C. changed its name to MRPR.

October 1998 - To assist with business valuation services, MRPR formed an alliance with Raymond T. Rutkowski, P.C.

October 2003 - Greg Zink and Bob Sickler became principals of the Firm.

October 2004 - Mark Rottermond was elected Chief Executive Officer and Managing Principal. Tony Perna was elected Chief Operating Officer.

July 2007 - To assist in technical tax matters of flow-thru entities, MRPR formed an alliance with Marcella S. Holmes, CPA, SMLLC, PLC.

October 2010 - Angie Mastroionni became a principal of the Firm.

October 2013 - Denise Thomas, Cheryl Gill and Steven Everson become principals of the Firm.