MRPR announces new service offering – IT Audit Services

In this age of high-performing information technology (IT), security for your business and customers is highly important!

What are the Benefits to Your Business of an IT Audit?

Identification of IT Weaknesses:
Identifying IT general control weaknesses will provide you insight into your overall level of security.

Improved Security:
Specific recommendations are provided to result in decreased exposure to threats and to close identified control gaps. Typically the top 2-3 recommendations are no or low cost fixes!

Increased Visibility:
You will enjoy increased visibility in ROI and performance of outsourced IT services and vendors.

Setting the Course for Continuous Improvement:
The audit will provide a baseline for continuous improvement of IT general controls and services.

Lower Insurance Premiums:
Reduced premiums from your insurance provider are often achieved after having an IT security assessment performed.

What is Involved in an internal IT Security Audit?

Whether performing a general IT Control Review, Service Provider Assurance or a Threats and Vulnerability
Assessment, we will:

  • Identify potential threats from malicious insider or outsider hacker that could cause a reportable data breach resulting in fines, State action, and/or reputational damage and potential loss of proprietary data and competitive advantage.
  • Assess area of vulnerability related to software and hardware applications, providing you with the details needed to make appropriate decisions to mitigate risk and decrease exposure to threats.
  • Validate that protected data meets the requirement of Michigan law (Section 445.72) as it relates to encryption of residents’ personal information.
  • Validate that hardware and software is appropriately patched and supported by the vendor, should a business critical process depend on one of these systems.
  • Determine if network and Wi-Fi access points are appropriately restricted.
  • Work with your current IT provider, who typically focuses on managing systems, to maximize and optimize your IT functions.

For more information on IT Security Audits, please contact:

Greg Zink

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