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Helping Your Real Estate Entities and Partners Achieve Maximum Deferral of Tax Liabilities

The real estate industry can be complex, but it offers some very real tax-saving advantages to investors who know how to leverage them.

Whether you are a Property Management company, Land Developer, Commercial or Residential Builder, Real Estate Investor, or Commercial & Residential Rental operator, MRPR can help your business realize Opportunity in Numbers.

MRPR’s Team of Real Estate Tax experts will utilize their in-depth understanding of Subchapter K of the IRS code to advise clients with a wide variety of real estate transactions, to formulate and implement strategies to achieve maximum deferral or elimination of tax liabilities.

As a Real Estate CPA & Tax Firm, How Does MRPR Reduce Your Tax Liabilities?

Working as your partner, MRPR’s professionals develop short- and long-term strategies to address all tax implications facing your real estate investment. Some example of strategies include:

  • Federal and State incentive tax credits
  • Restructuring entities to be more tax efficient
  • Depreciation methods and elections
  • Section 754 elections
  • Section 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • Various elections available when cancellation of indebtedness occurs

The end result is your real estate business or entity is more tax efficient, providing you with significant cost-savings for years to come.

MRPR has worked with Property Management Companies, Commercial Rental, Residential Rental, and other Real Estate Investment businesses in the past, helping them identify and maximize Opportunity in Numbers.

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Steven Everson, CPA, MSTPrincipal

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