What kind of Accounting Firm Does a Restaurant Owner Need?

One that can keep up with you.

We've worked with dozens of restaurants and food service companies around the country, from mom and pop sandwich shops to large, full-service operations. We know the questions that keep you up at night:

  • How do I manage tip reporting?
  • Am I doing payroll reporting correctly?
  • What should my prime costs be?
  • What can I do about employee turnover?
  • How do my financials compare to industry standards?
  • Which corporate structure is best for my tax planning?
Robert Doehrer, CPAPrincipal


Answering these questions is just the tip of iceberg. In order to grow or be best-in-class, you'll need an accounting team that thinks like restaurant owners. We understand your opportunities, blindspots, and the 24/7 pace because we've owned restaurants and serviced so many in your industry. We will work with you to develop a personalized plan for growth.

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A Hands-On Approach To Restaurant Accounting

Don't expect us to hide behind a phone at our desk... We'll come to you and do a full-body scan of your business to identify how you compare to industry benchmarks. Then we'll help you set realistic goals based on real data.

Whether you're opening your first location or expanding your operations, our experienced team can help you identify roadblocks to growth, and how to break through.

Our experience allows us to provide advice or assistance on accounting operations such as:

  • Point-of-sale set up and reporting
  • Prime costs and cash management
  • Tip and payroll reporting (Form 8027)
  • Restaurant labor laws and Department of Labor Regulations
  • Wage standards
  • Tax credits & more

We'll help you build a successful business that allows you to focus on creating amazing dining experiences and connecting with your local community.

MRPR offers a full range of accounting, tax, and business advisory services.


Did you purchase, renovate, or build a restaurant property in the last 10-15 years?

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