Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Who Will You Choose to Perform Your Next Employee Benefit Plan Audit?

One of the most important fiduciary responsibilities you have as a plan sponsor is to choose a CPA firm to perform your Employee Benefit plan audit.

MRPR is a Certified Public Accounting firm with the experience and expertise to provide a high-quality Department of Labor compliant audit.

MRPR’s Employee Benefit Plan Audits: Committed Team

MRPR has been providing employee benefit plan audits for the past 29 years, performing more than 40 audits annually.

Unlike some CPA firms that will use professionals who have only minimal training and experience, MRPR has a dedicated team that specializes in performing these audits. When you choose MRPR, you receive a high quality, efficient and fairly priced audit.

Bob Sickler, CPAPrincipal

Erica Braun, CPAPrincipal


MRPR is a Participating Member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center

As a member of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, we are committed to adhering to the highest quality standards by voluntarily agreeing to the Center’s membership requirements, which include designating a partner responsible for our employee benefit plan audit practice, establishing quality control programs, performing annual internal inspection procedures, and making our peer review report findings available to the public.

MRPR services offered include:

  • Audits of Defined Contribution Plans
  • Audits of Defined Benefit Plans
  • Best Practices for Plan Sponsors of 401(k) plans
  • ERISA and DOL compliance
  • Delinquent Voluntary Compliance