Wholesale & Distribution

MRPR: Providing Business Success Solutions for Wholesale & Distribution Companies

MRPR has been providing solutions to the wholesale & distribution industry for over 28 years, helping our clients identify Opportunity in Numbers.

We understand the concerns you have related to inventory controls, higher transportation costs, exposure to taxing authorities at multiple levels, increased regulations, and domestic and foreign competition.

Our experience allows our Wholesale & Distribution Team to act as your trusted advisor, working with you to create business success plans that optimize profits and identifying tax saving opportunities and refunds through R&D Tax Credits, Real Estate Cost Segregation Studies, State Apportionment Studies and Property Tax Reduction Appeals.

Need assurance services? Our audits are pain-free and efficient, as we look to understand your business, your industry and your internal controls, delivering to you an objective and credible financial picture to your bank, investors and customers.

MRPR has Membership in the Enterprise Worldwide (EW) practice group, which affords us the opportunity to provide you with a wide range of business services on a local, national and global basis.

Denise Thomas, CPAPrincipal

Bob Sickler, CPAPrincipal


MRPR’s Services to the Wholesale & Distribution Industry

  • Audits, Reviews & Compilations
  • Enterprise Risk Evaluation
  • Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Credits, deductions and tax efficiency strategies
  • Property Tax issues and 263A Inventory Calculations
  • Preparation of Federal, State, Local and Foreign Tax Returns
  • Selection of Appropriate Tax Depreciation, Election Methods and Incentives
  • Identifying Tax Savings Opportunities and Refunds
  • Property Tax Reduction Appeals
  • Real Estate Cost Segregation Studies
  • R & D Tax Credit
  • Sales & Use Tax Analysis
  • International Taxation
  • State & Local Tax
  • Minimizing Multi-State Tax Exposure
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Inventory Costing & Analysis
  • Performance Measurement & Benchmarking
  • Provide Gross Margin Improvement Options through Inventory Costing Methods
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits